About the Libre Tech Shop

The Libre Tech Shop is a first of its kind online store for products that respect your freedom.

Every product you purchase here will be powered by free software, will be accompanied by documentation and will give you the freedom to hack, learn, modify and share. These products will not track you and will respect your privacy, freedom and opportunity to learn, explore and do things on your own.

Why are we doing this?

While there are millions of us who care about software freedom, we might still have to compromise and accept proprietary software in our lives because it takes too much effort or time to build everything with free software. Or maybe, we are not aware of the available options. Or – the available options are not accessible.

Here, we offer the convenience and access of a packaged product with freedom, flexibility, hackability and privacy that’s integral to free software.

… also because its high time we were able to choose ethical products that “optimise for freedom” by default … because it can be done and deserves to be done … because it will be great fun to offer such products … because we want to show that one does not have to choose proprietary software to have convenience in one’s life