Activitypub Instance Setup Service

Get help for setting up your private and dedicated ActivityPub instance.


Mastodon looks like this:
Pleroma + Soapbox looks like this:
Pixelfed looks like this:

More details:
– Mastodon –
– Soapbox –
– Pixelfed –

Which domain do you want to use for your instance? * 

Enter the dedicated domain name you want to use for your instance. In case you don’t have one yet, you could create a sub-domain (eg. or register a new one (eg.

We would be glad to offer assistance in registering the domain. We use for all our domain registrations. Please create an account there to get started with the domain registration process.

We would need root access to login and setup the services. The VPS needs to have Debian GNU/Linux 11 [Bullseye] installed on it. The recommended configuration is 2 cores, 4GB RAM and a 40GB disk.

(1 week of support is included in the setup cost. Support charges are payable quarterly in advance.)

Product Description

Get help for setting up your private and dedicated ActivityPub [Mastodon / Pleroma + Soapbox / Pixelfed] instance.

Why build a single account for your organisation? Why not setup an entire space on the fediverse dedicated to members of your user group or organisation! Mostly Harmless provides this simple service of setting up such a dedicated instance for you.

Pricing includes:

  • Charges for setting up the software
  • Charges for one-time training on how to use the software effectively
  • Charges for 1 week of support for the support

Pricing does not include:

  • Cost of the VPS to host the software
  • Cost of domain registration for your fediverse presence

Monthly support is available at an additional and reasonable cost. Monthly support includes:

  • Software updates
  • Server maintenance
  • Basic software configuration & customisation (if required)

All software used would be Free/Libre Software. All hosting setup is done on Debian GNU/Linux.