Coreboot Flashing Service

Coreboot / Osboot flashing services for Lenovo Thinkpad models: X230, X220, X201 and X200.


Product Description

Do you already own one of the following laptop models? Want to liberate the laptop by flashing Coreboot / Osboot on it?

  • Thinkpad X230 / X230T
  • Thinkpad X220 / X220T
  • Thinkpad X201
  • Thinkpad X200

If you’re in Bengaluru, drop in to our office with your laptop and we’ll do it for you. If you’re out of Bengaluru, courier your laptop to us. We will liberate it and send it back to you. Please fill in the form below for more details or to discuss the logistics.

  • Please tell about your laptop so that we can help you with your co
  • Where are you based currently? If you're based in Bangalore, you can very well drop in to our office for getting Coreboot flashed to your laptop. Otherwise, we will help you ship your laptop to us safely.
    Would like us to replace your wireless with a free software friendly and blob-free wireless card based on Atheros (ath9k)?
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